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international librarian of mystery

Thursday, July 31, 2003


Poor Ben & J-Lo. It's like people just can't see the love...

"Gigli is a gargantuan piece of shit and deserves a place in the Bad Movie Hall of Shame ... I fought the urge to punch someone once it finally ended."

Ahaha. That's the word from sick-boy.com. Rotten Tomatoes has also compiled a swag of reviews, all much of an ilk...

"A torpid dud starring the cuddly celebrity twosome of the moment."

"Falls somewhere between horrible and laughably awful."
-- Emily Russin, SEATTLE TIMES

"I am giving Gigli one star and that is only because of Walken: if Brest were smart, when the film hits DVD, he should only release that scene and stick the rest in the deleted scenes section."
-- Peter Sobczynski, CRITIC DOCTOR

...and so on...

The Onion has a nice piece about it as well.