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international librarian of mystery

Friday, August 15, 2003

Subtle, yet moving.

'P' (crystal methamphetamine) seems to be getting a lot of media time here in NZ, reaching epidemic proportions in some places. Despite all that, I've still never met anyone who's admitted to using it, and no-one who's lives seem to be slipping down a path towards 'crime sprees' and 'meaningless violence'.

So, Robyn over at Secret Passage was in much the same boat as me, and was thus pleased when "Police Ten 7" had a special on P, allowing her (and me, viacarious like) an insight into the dark world of the pure meth user. You'll need to visit Robyn's site for the full details, here's a wee teaser on what she divined about the drug from the show...Loved her bit on the actor doing the 'freak out' reconstruction though....
He yelled, he screamed, he mushed his face up against the glass. Later, when he'd calmed down a bit, he ran his finger along the concrete blocks in the cell wall. Subtle, yet moving.