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Monday, April 26, 2004

Eco Fur G Strings - Possum Fur

My mate Anna recently modelled for the NZ Nature Company's new range of Possum G-Strings and, get this, nipple warmers.

This is a quality product even though it is a novelty of sorts, much of the fur work is done by hand. We hope to bring attention to the ecological problems that brushtail possums are creating in New Zealand by creating this top quality G string. See Eco information page on our website.

Made from New Zealand Eco-Fur. The Brushtail Possum - no relation to the Amercan Possum - is similar to mink and was introduced to New Zealand from Australia about 150 years ago to establish a fur industry. Possums are now considered a major ecological pest here in New Zealand. Possums are the number one enemy of New Zealand's native forest's and has a devastating effect on native birdlife and native flora. The use of New Zealand Eco Fur, (possum fur) is advocated by all New Zealand environmental groups including The Royal Forest & Bird Society, The Ecologic Foundation, and Greenpeace New Zealand.

When you buy Eco fur products you help control possum numbers and save our unique native heritage. Thank you for your support.

Anna gives them the thumbs up: "warm, and very very soft."

I dunno though, I've still got reservations about wearing rodent fur next to my privates.