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Friday, May 14, 2004

Clean tongue

Well, less than a week after toothpaste/brush makers Macleans released the results from their survey (which made the front page of Wellingtons Dominion newspaper) showing that 78% of men and 60% of women in NZ do not brush their tongues, comes an ad espousing the virtues of the latest Macleans toothbrush, with (surprise!) a special grooved tongue-cleaner thingamajig on the opposite side to the brush.

I think it's all a conspiracy, dreamed up by Macleans to sell some more toothbrushes. I mean, how many more innovations could they have put the humble toothbrush through? Flexy necks, vary-stiffness-bristles, ergonomic hand-grips ... and now, the tongue cleaner. When did tongue-cleaning enter the realm of necessary hygienic routine? I don't recall hearing about it at school during the interminable 'round and round and side to side' lessons on toothbrushing. Maybe I (and 60% of the rest of my female compatriots) missed school that day?

Quick show of hands - do you brush your tongue? And if not, do you intend to from now?