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international librarian of mystery

Monday, May 03, 2004

zefrank: wanted

more good fun from zefrank (the man behind the very excellent 'how to dance' and 'how to impress your date' online guides. this one's a bit more random (and headache inducing) - a face made up of different cut-outs of various peoples' heads flicks from variation to variation until you click on it and freeze the frame into a weird 'wanted' ad (or mouseover the words in the wanted ad to get it 'just so'). I got this one that I quite like...

Warm, single disgruntled Virgo man, 7"2'.
70 year old business person. I like knitting, sleeping in and spontaneous getaways.
Can't live without a ludicrous teen gay professional for cooking and surfing.
Must have a car!

[via j-walk]