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Monday, June 21, 2004

2004 Top Ten Favorite Words: Merriam Webster

  1. defenestration
  2. serendipity
  3. onomatopoeia
  4. discombobulate
  5. plethora
  6. callipygian
  7. juxtapose
  8. persnickety
  9. kerfuffle
  10. flibbertigibbet
The top 10 most popular words as voted by visitors to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary. I'm pleased to note that I use 6 of the top 10 on a semi-regular basis (italicised those ones), with onomatopoeia rolling effortlessly from my tongue on saturday when I was discussing 'noisy' children's books with someone.

Yuck, 'juxtapose' though - I watched one of those dreadful Living Channel shows on Friday night, and some guy (who I'm sure had based his entire persona on Derek Zoolander, and in a non-ironic way) was a big fan of 'juxtaposing' furniture around the houses he worked on. Maybe I'm just being persnickety.