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international librarian of mystery

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Farewell Will!

A sad farewell to Will of Oxford, England, whose tales of singledom have been keeping me in various states of amusement, horror and vicarious frustration (and sometimes all three at once). His blog of romantic exploits is to be drawn to a close, as he's got himself a 'proper' job...
Since march I have been unemployed and have been living off my savings, but last week I was offered an amazing job. Its the start of a whole new exciting career for me. I'm not going to tell you what it is though!

The bad news is that it means I have to stop blogging. I know article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights guarantees me the right to a free and private life but integrity is stressed as an essential requirement for my new job. So I think its best I stop blogging.
His last bout of romantic endeavour was with a long-time female friend called Caroline, and, thankfully, he at least leaves us with this conclusion to that story...
So one last titbit. I am not going to pursue a relationship with Caroline, its just not going to happen. For me, the start of a relationship should be really happy and exciting. Caroline is just laying down rules and is too obsessively worried it will fail. And that is exactly what WILL make it fail.
He never did tell us if he got a shag after his latest date at the fancy restaurant though. Perhaps the integrity required for his new job that precludes him from blogging won't stretch to having him have to stop making comments on other people's blogs (eh Will?).