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international librarian of mystery

Monday, June 14, 2004

the meanderthal lives!

ohh, it was too good to be true. I spotted a classic meanderthal moment at Wellington Central on Saturday morning. He was standing at the foot of the escalator coming down from the 2nd floor, looking up, and had that look of 'lost-in-the-library' about him. I should have helped, but it wasn't like I was on duty, so I just dawdled at a nearby display stand to watch his efforts.

A couple of people came down from the top, and he has to take a step back to let them off. He waits. Another couple of people came down, and again he has to take a step back to let them off. Now he looks around a bit, then quickly taps the bottom step with his foot. He looks up, and then shifts across to take a closer look at the escalator down to the ground-floor. He takes a tentative step forward towards this one, but then veers slowly off to the left, casually wanders around a magazine rack, and circles back, when he finally spots the up escalators which are opposite the central steps, and which had so far eluded him. He carefully strides forward, and steps on. Another triumph against adversity! Meanderthal man lives!