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international librarian of mystery

Thursday, June 03, 2004

The Weird Wide Web

Ok, two particularly interesting things I've stumbled across on the web in the last few days - one disturbing, the other, uhhh, also quite disturbing, in a different way...

1) Web friend conned into murder bid.
A 14 year old boy (14 years old!) created a bunch of fictional online characters, one of whom was a middle-aged female spy, and after several months and 50000+ words (50000!) of online correspondence and chatting, convinced a 15 year old to kill him (the 14 year old that is). In other words, he created a massive web of deception in order to get himself killed. Amazing. This from the BBC news item...
The 14-year-old boy, dubbed Boy B in court, created a series of fictional characters in chatrooms, one of which ordered Boy A to murder him.

Boy A, a 15-year-old, stabbed Boy B twice, but he did not die.

Boy A admitted attempted murder and Boy B has admitted incitement to murder.
...which, as they also pointed out over at metafilter, made me think of one of those old maths puzzles - "Boy A and Boy B leave different cities heading toward each other at different speeds. When and where does Boy B's caboose enter the Spy C tunnel?"

2) Exploiting Peer-to-Peer Networking.
This is hilarious, but, again, a little on the sick side. Tom, having a bit of a mp3 downloading session, decided to see how many hits he might get on an mp3 track if he named it to some crazy porn title. He thus created "Naked boys dancing and eating cake" and watched as 130 people downloaded the file, only to be disappointed (one assumes) that the file was nothing but Led Zeppelin performing "Dazed and Confused" in front of a live audience. Tom decided he was onto something, and continued with...All of which racked up the downloads. Lots of them. But the real coup de grace was this...As Tom himself points out...
No way in hell would this get many downloads. Who could possibly type in any or all of those keywords? I guess people like seeing sweaty red-ass baboons, nostrils flaring, banging their chests like Marky Mark in the movie "Fear", having sex WITH each other in a factory that produces baby-bottle nipples. Imagine what those children would look like. One hundred seventy two people typed those magic words into Limewire, and got a hot steaming pile of monkey love. Well, it was Pink Floyd, but a man can dream, cant he?

This could all seem very disturbing. My final experiment, however, made me dizzy as my precious sack retreated into my pelvis. ...THREE PEOPLE...three disgusting, drooling, perverted, fucked up people, wielding a box of Puffs Plus and a tube of Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion, bright eyed and bushy tailed, wanted to see "An emu taking a vicious dump." How does one take a VICIOUS dump and how does an EMU take one, for that matter?
It's a scary world, on the weird wide web.