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international librarian of mystery

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Blogger Navbar: hours of fun

Although it played havoc with my layout (since fixed), the new blogger navbar thing there at the top of the page is soooo much better than the horrible old blogspot ad that used to take up bit of screen real estate. The thing I like best is the 'next blog' button - I've been finding all sorts of weird and wonderful blogs by clicking on it once I've exhausted my list of regulars.

For example...

Le hamburger et le croissant - a blog completely in French by a girl who seems to have some sort of obsession with pastries, cakes and baking in general. Particularly liked this post.

Watch Me Turn 30 - which I've since added to my regulars list, so cool-looking is Holly P., the girl who runs the site. She's posting a photo of herself every day in her last year as a 20-something. (Co-incidentally enough, another of my regular reads, twist of kate, also linked to her recently - even on the blogosphere it's a small world.)

kat's scribbles - 'cos she looks so cool playing that guitar.

Chelsea Peretti - mostly because she reinforces my growing concern that America is full of scary crazies (not Chelsea, that is, follow this link to see what I mean). And she looks cool too...

The weird thing is, almost without fail, the blog I get is written by a female, and, more often than not (at the moment) English is either their second language, or they don't write in English at all. What's with that?