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international librarian of mystery

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Citizen Bus Driver

Citizen Bus Driver has (presumably) had his eyesight fixed, for he was back at the helm last night, cheerfully clipping ten-trips, happily instructing the throng to 'move to the back of the bus', and merrily admonishing kids for not giving up their seats for their elders.

Again, we got to the Basin Reserve gridlock. Again, a hush fell over the bus as the electric trolley-bus's engine whirred to a halt. And, yes, again, he took his chance to voice his concerns over health sector issues...

"Just a quick word to you all!" he shouted back to his captive audience. "We're coming up to our public hospital, a place where our lovely nurses toil day and night providing care for the unwell and needy. Our nurses are currently negotiating for a fair pay-rate. It appears the powers-that-be aren't willing to meet their terms, and it is possible that there may be some strike action in the future to force the paymaster's hands. I urge you all to support the nurse's actions, and to write to your local MP to voice your approval for their cause. Our nurse's are nothing short of angel's in uniforms, and I think any pay-rise is too small - which is just my opinion, course - but they should be getting at least what they ask for. Thank you for listening!"

I may have paraphrased there a bit - I was standing up and unable to get my pen and notebook from out of my bag - but that was the general gist of his speech.

And I assume the angel nurse's he spoke of helped him recover his eye-sight properly, as we made it all the way to my stop without hitting one parked car.

Anyway, his speech got me feeling all political. 'Power to my underpaid professionally-trained sisters!' I thought, wondering if a librarian's strike might be on the cards to get our pay-rates up?