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international librarian of mystery

Monday, September 27, 2004

Her laugh - light as raindrops

I grabbed myself the library's latest British Vogue from a 'to-be-catalogued' pile for my own weekend perusing, and was amused to find yet another section extolling the virtues of librarian fashion. Writing about the return of the blouse, Vogue impresses upon us that...
"Whether it's a flouncy pussy-bow or a demure high collar you're after, the look
to aim for is part Belle de Jour, part sexy librarian."
Whether they mean the infamous blogger Belle de Jour, I'm not sure - it's hard to tell with Vogue, and guessing by some of the outfits, one would be inclined to think yes.

So, anyway, yes, there's a few photos of girls on the catwalk wearing what are presumably the 'sexy librarian' clothes. I'd like to meet the librarians that can (a) afford these clothes, and (b) actually pull off wearing them. From personal experience, being a member of (a) seems to preclude the ability to belong to group (b), and vice versa.

The one item that really ties them all together is the cardigan, which, admittedly, is a fair enough call. There's some nice ones too: the Dries Van Norton and Prada ones are particularly pretty. Now all I need to do is save up for six months so I can buy one. As for the flower print silk dresses! Ahh, at least dreams are free, I suppose.

Coincidentally enough, a link posted by sex and the library on Saturday led me to the Anthropologie website which is also using the sexy librarian-theme at the moment. They've also got some very nice clothes, which I also can't afford.