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Friday, October 08, 2004

Artemis III: Missing in Action

Humph. Turns out Artemis's 'scheming' was a school project after all. He's failed to show up for the rest of the week, but for the last couple of days we've been inundated with other kids from one of the local schools looking for resources on the big stormwater project and various other big Council initiatives. They're doing some sort of project related to civic amenities, probably sparked off by the local elections that are taking place at the moment.

Soooo much more boring than potential underground exploits by a pint-size potential crim.

Artemis, then, was just being a studious little guy, and getting his homework done early. If my own experiences of school is anything to go by, this project is due at the end of the week, as the rush started on Wednesday, and got really busy on Thursday.

Artemis has also presumably been put up a class or two in his time, as these other kids are all 10 or 11. And, with the occasional exception, generally pretty useless and/or lazy....

"Can you photocopy that for me?"
"Could you find me all the statistics for this?"
"Will you get this for me? I can't find it."
"Wipe my bum. I can't be bothered."

Well, not that last one, but hell, it wouldn't have surprised me. What happened to the work ethic kiddies? Do your own damn homework!

And my fantastic map find for Artemis has totally backfired on him, as word has got out that there's a 'great council map of the Wellington tunnel system' in the library. All the reference librarians have been bugged to death about it, and the source of the map was eventually narrowed to me. I had to pull it from my collection, go down to the copy centre where they rescaled it down to A3, and then I made a pile of them scaled down to A4 that ended up getting plonked on the kid's reference desk for anyone who wanted one. Poor little Artemis, who was the one who had instigated the discovering of the thing in the first place, and who had painstakingly copied the whole thing out by hand is now going to be confronted by a ream of no-effort copies come school on Monday morning.

Having said that, his map was hand-drawn, A3, had his own series of annotations on it, and has no doubt had a few extras added in the meantime. God, I'm wishing I'd photocopied his now that I think about it. Anyway, I'm sure when it comes to give out the marks, and if there's any justice left in the schooling system, that Artemis will score pretty highly.

Stood up by the wee guy though! What's with that? I had the terrible thought that he had been washed out to sea in a stormwater drain, but that's the sort of story that usually makes the papers, and there's been no missing kid stories this week, so I'm fairly confident he's ok.

Be nice to see him again though, just to be sure.

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