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international librarian of mystery

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Watching the watchers

Oohh, the intrigue.

One of the great things I enjoy about my blogging is the stats. I'm a stats junky. I fiddle and squirm until the numbers get up to at least the daily average, at which point I can start concentrating on whatever the hell I'm going to write next to keep you all coming back.

Anyway, today was fairly standard on the stats front, except for one visitor. Hello mysterious visitor! I see you have come from a govt.nz domain, spent nearly two hours on the site, and must have at least skimmed every blog entry I've made!

Now the hope is, of course, that you aren't my employer, digging for dirt on my exploits to use against me as reasons for dismissal. Oh please please please don't let that be the case. It's slightly worrisome that the entry you chose to read first was indeed my post on my Veil of Anonymity slipping askew last week, but, on further analysis, I can also see that you've come from Jonathan's Liverstone, so chances are you're actually a random government employee using the taxpayer's money to surf blogs all afternoon.

But, really, it's the not knowing that's gnawing me up. If you - Mysterious Government Employee - do drop in again, feel free to drop a comment, or email me so I can put my paranoid musings to sleep.