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international librarian of mystery

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Tiger Eyes

In news that has been picked up around the world, All Black and Wellington rugby centre Ma'a Nonu has confessed to wearing eye-liner while playing. There's a bit of controversy as to whether or not Ma'a has been wearing the make-up as some sort of in-team punishment, or purely as a fashion statement that sets him apart from the other dreadlocked Polynesian players in the team (Tana Umaga, Rodney So'oialo). From what Ma'a says, you'd think the latter...
"When I first started playing at this level I had dreads, the same as Tana and Rodney. I tried a different look by colouring it. Then last year everyone was colouring their hair as well. I'm just trying to bring a different thing in by colouring my eyes, I think.

It's a personal thing, I put it on myself. It's a bit of a fashion statement, I think. Everyone's giving me grief, especially my best mates. I'm just going to stand by what I think and keep on doing it. And hopefully other players will try it as well."

Go Ma'a! And yes, I reckon Dan Carter should join the make-up club - a spot of eyeliner and some nice lipstick would make his fine features even more spectacular.

I'm also amazed no-one in the media has raised the possibility that Ma'a might possibly have been raised as a fa'afafine, but, well, that might be a step too far, methinks. What next - a gay All Black?