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international librarian of mystery

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The End

The end? Well, sort of. How about we just call it an extended intermission.

Back when I was a gainfully employed librarian, I found the time to work on this blog virtually every night. I'm currently in a situation where I just can't find that time any more, the posts are getting further and further apart, and I'm walking around with this gnawing sense of guilt that I haven't made a post for weeks. And this at a time when blog-worthy moments are coming and going faster than ever.

So I might just wrap things up here, and concentrate properly on the other time-consuming projects I've got on the go. I realise, for those that have been following my story, that this is probably a really annoying place to call it quits. Sorry. (The gig went well. I played okay. We're off to play some summer festivals in Europe now, just one of the reasons I'm going to be short of time over the next wee while).

And I've had enough interest from various people now to make me think that a part of the blog, at least, will actually make a passable book, so I've been working on arranging and editing part of it into a proper story that has an old-fashioned beginning, middle and end. I thought I'd be able to continue to post new stuff while editing the old, but, to tell the truth, re-writing the old stuff leaves me in such a state of anxiety (Why did no-one ever tell me about all those typos? How often do I really need to use the word 'nice'? And what is with the overuse of parentheses?), that starting a new post is the last thing I want to do.

If, in the off chance my random ramblings do ever find the light of day in a published form, and you feel like you might be in the market to pick up a copy for yourself or a loved one's Christmas stocking, then drop me an email or leave a comment and I'll let you know when (if) it becomes available.

So, yes, thanks for reading. It's been fun to write.


Natalie Biz.